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For the love of reading

Reading is essential for gathering knowledge, learning new skills. It’s also very important for cognitive and emotional well-being. The benefits of reading are broad and long-lasting, even, in some cases, helping us to live longer! From reducing stress and increasing the quality of sleep, reading habits can help you to be calmer, happier, more stimulated. and more empathetic too!

How Tuklify works?


We keep exploring stories from history books to daily news channels. Our editorial team across the globe is looking for new topics that may inspire you.


We know you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read a whole chapter. So we pick the highlights that we find important.


We spend a good amount of time for a matching image that makes the piece of information clearer and more meaningful. It’s true - images are powerful.


Reading should be easy and fun. We’re bringing a new format — the story in slides. You get the key insights from a long article just in a few seconds.

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